The Purpose of Kahili Adventist School

To provide a Christian Education for the children in grades K-12 of our constituents, with an emphasis on service to our community, high academics, music, technology, and agriculture.

Kahili Adventist School offers a challenging workload that brings a feeling of satisfaction by promoting creativity, problem solving, and a sense of community. Our teachers are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty in the pursuit of academic excellence, including offering after-school study sessions and giving homework help via phone in the evening. The small student to teacher ratio enables us to promote individualized learning. This allows us to focus on the areas of greatest need for each student.
Since the focus of Christ's mission on Earth was service to others, we believe that this should be of utmost importance.1 Students attending Kahili Adventist School will be offered many service opportunities, both on campus and within the community at large, and a culture of service will be evident in everything we do.